Got a new hard drive and lost all my drivers. need help getting them

like the thread name said i got a new hard drive cuz i couldnt fix my old one and i was running out of room (it was time for an new one anyways). i lost all my drivers for everything (wireless, video, speakers, everything). im stuck using the crappy old original drivers. i use a compaq presario v2000 laptop (the amd/ati one not the intel one that hp has on their site for support) and it uses xp pro. i put windows on it just fine, but like i said i cant use anything. i cant use the intel gma drivers for my ati video. i also dont know what wireless adapter i have or what audio driver i need so can someone give me some help locating these things? please?

p.s. for those of u who wonder how im posting this: im doing this from my phone since i dont have a wired internet conection...i mooch of my neighbor's super fast internet
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  1. hahahahahaha i fixed it :) im so proud of myself^^
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