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NAS File Server

Last response: in Networking
October 1, 2007 2:35:40 AM

I have a network all running WinXP. It works fine, but now I want to put a file server on it. Currently we have 8 people using the network, and occasionally someone will plug into it and use it.

Since with Windows XP, you are limited to 10 users, I am thinking of using a NAS file server since it would not add another WinXP user to the network.

I don’t’ have any money for this, but I got lots of computer parts so I am thinking to build of a systems with RAID 1 – 5 Disk – 1 for the OS and 4 IDE 120 mb drives for the data wstorage (240mb total space).

Now, if I use Win Xp for the OS, it should not be a problem as I use a shared folder and netowork drives.
What if I use a NAS OS for the server?

Do they have any low cost or open source ones out there?

Anyone have any experience doing what I want to do?

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October 1, 2007 7:47:43 PM

why don't you use linux? no license issue...
October 5, 2007 3:18:11 PM

Use Clarkconnect or FreeNAS. Clarkconnect is more powerful and has more options but is more difficult to setup than FreeNAS. Both run Samba to allow file-share with Windows users. Clarkconnect can be a router also and allow VPN access to your network which is usually a semi-expensive purchase if you buy a true VPN router. I am by no means a Linux expert and I was able to install both FreeNAS and Clarkconnect in about 1 day. Also, both are free so no license issues. They have software RAID built-in to the OS, but you will get better performance if you just buy a RAID card (you can get for as cheap as $20) instead of using the computers onboard IDE controller unless the MB has built-in RAID. Also, with RAID 5, you will need at least 3 drives and they must all be identical size. DO NOT use RAID 0 for a server. You're asking for trouble if a drive fails.
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October 10, 2007 5:27:44 PM

Or you could just setup the NAS with Windows XP if you already have it and have no more than 10 users connect to it at once. :) 

If you plan on having more than 10 people simutaniously connected, then go with the free stuff listed.