Dual Displays...I need help please

I have an 8800GTX that supports dual displays, I have two LCD monitors. I have them both hooked up. I have ran the dual display wizard, messed with seetings, etc... I see the desktop on both of them and I can see my mouse pointer move across both of them.

However, I was under the impretion that I would be able to have each monitor work independently of one another. For example, Play a game on one, while browsing the internet on the other.... is this possible? If so, what am I doing wrong.

I have googled a lot of articles that say that dual display is good and that it provides a wider spectrem, but I cant figure out how to get them to be seperate..

Any help?
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More about dual displays please
  1. you can run each monitor independant of one another without complications (simultaneously even), assuming none of the applications are being run in full screen mode. if a 3D game for instance is being run full screen on one monitor, it pretty much eliminates being able to do much else with the other monitor at the same time really, without minimizing the game. (which kinda defeats the point of having 2 monitors then, at least for gaming in this instance)

    if you game in a windowed mode however, it may make it less problematic switching between applications on different monitors (depending on the application). what youre wanting is possible, but, it also depends on applications being full screen/windowed etc, because they may still minimize if you click off of them to do something else

    i love using 2 monitors myself, but unless youre able to use both of them simultaneously (spanned mode in winXP, for example), or even to multitask simultaneously like you wanting, its more or less pointless imo
  2. how the deuce would you play a game and browse the net at the same time? I run dual monitors, the primary for games, and the second for keeping track of temps,etc. You can't really do anything with the second monitor while playing, but you can put stuff up there that you want to see whilst playing.
  3. you can, but, its really if you would want to or not... basically the game wouldnt even be the main focus at that point so much if youre tending to other things as much as the game itself (again, it would probably end up minimizing too in some cases if you clicked off of it to do something else)... maybe the game is boring... shrug
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