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currently our router is in a room on the other side of the house from my room, with a 50ft cable connecting my comp to the router. would I get better speeds with wireless or is wired still the better way to go? theres generally no closed doors between my computer and the router, although there are some walls and whatnot.
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  1. A good wireless router shouldn't slow anything down. I have the ZyXEL X-550, easy to set up including security but Netgear, Buffalo, and Linksys all make good routers. If what you have is working and no one is complaining about wires, seems to be a woman thing hating wires :), you could just keep it as is
  2. nah, no complaints bout the wires. more just something that I thought maybe the wire due to its long length might be slowing down the speeds and if going wireless might speed things up
  3. As long as you have good ethernet cable, you will not lost any speed under 300ft of cable. however, wireless may be a little slower. Personally, all my computers usually use wired connections, since i have found that wireless will slow down our 20mbps connection
  4. With a descent wireless network you shouldn't notice any difference in internet perfromance but it is slower for file transfers across the network. If your really curious you can benchmark it with qcheck although it is kind of annoying to sign up to download and let through the windows firewall. Wired connections are either 100 mbps or 1000 mbps with the good stuff a perfect 54 mbps wireless is 26 mbps and you assume it's not perfect so 20 is a good estimate.
  5. Stick with wires. 50 ft is not long enough to cause any problems unless your cable sucks. Wireless introduces all kinds of problems you don't want unless you have to. Like security threats of hackers next door, slower speeds. Finding the perfect settings to get the best throughput. Trust me, don't do it unless you have to.
  6. When you do decide to get a new router it makes sense to get a wireless. Wireless routers will allow you to hard wire usually up to 4 computers but if you need wireless, e.g., for a laptop, you have it.
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