HELP! trying to connect 360 and DVR wirelessly

Hey everyone,
I need your help. I recently got an Xbox 360 and a dish dvr box. I want to be able to hook them up to the internet and was hoping for some input on the best way to do it. I currently have a Linksys WRT54g Router, and I just bought a Linksys WGA54g wireless gaming adapter for my Xbox 360. The thing is, the WGA54g is only allowing me to set up the 360. Normally this would suffice, but, If I connect the DVR box to the internet, DISH Network will drop $5.00 a month of my bill because the box will check for updates through my internet connect as opposed to using their own network. Now, most people would just advise me to buy a wireless adapter for the DVR box and call it good. Now I could do this, but I am looking for alternate ways, because I'm not entirely satisfied with the WGA54g by linksys, and I still have plenty of time to take it back if I can come up with an alternate way of connecting both devices.

After that said, here are my questions.

1. Is there a way that I could buy another Linksys router, be it a WRT54g, or some other router with comparible technology and use it as a bridge or gateway to my other router? I have heard this can be done, but I never looked into. If this is possible, I would prefer doing it this way, if not is there any other way this can be accomplished with a different networking device?

2. Is there anyway to split the internet connection that the WGA54G receives from my router. I have a switch and was wondering if I hooked my WGA54g into the switch, if I could use the connection on both my DVR and 360.

3. If I decide to throw away the wireless route, I thought about using the ethernet power outlet adapters. I did notice that Netgear makes a set that will allow two different components to be plugged in. I don't know much about these adapters, but the idea seems kind of cool. Any input on these devices and which brand to go with would be great.

4. If you have any other suggestions that would be a better way to connect the DVR and 360 please let me know. Price is an issue at this point. The most I'd be willing to spend is $150.00. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Just get a wireless bridge like a WET54G.

  2. Thanks for the response grumpy =) Seems as though this might be a good option. If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to post.

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