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There are many things that are put into a computer before the customer buys it. I currently am an owner of a new computer that has 70-80 processes each time I turn it on, and it eats up about 1 GB of RAM. I want to dispose of unnecessary things that slow down the performance, but removing startup items may backfire as simply software items' names don't explain their functions. I would appreciate any researches, tips or suggestions in that direction.
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  1. Pc Decrapifier gets rid of trialware.

    After that, post a Hijack This Log, and I'll pick out what you can stop.

    this paid version is half price now and worth every penny!it tells you everything and i mean everything you would want to know about startup processes and other things running on your computer!tells you what is safe to do on all these processes!
  3. at 14.99 its a great deal and you can install it on more than 1 computer,and lifetime updates!
  4. But first the OP has to learn what to stop.
  5. this program will tell u what is safe to disable,and what is not!It will let you disable it right from the winpatropl gui!
  6. OK, sorry, I've not seen WinPatrol, as I learned to do it manually. Does it distinguish between necessary and unnecessary, as opposed to safe and unsafe? Certainly worth the price if it does.
  7. yes!
  8. Thanks, area. Sorry about your face, but plastic surgery can perform miracles these days.
  9. i'm working on the surgery
  10. You don't have to live like that, take a chance.
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