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How to run a cmd/bat file without a windows popping up?

Last response: in Windows Vista
July 13, 2009 6:30:14 AM

Hi everyone! I just wanted to know, is there someway to run a cmd/bat file without the windows popping up? Is there some command I would have to type in like quiet or something like that?

September 29, 2010 3:04:14 AM

Hi, I see this was posted a while ago, but here's another solution that might help.

Open up your text editor and enter the following code:

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run chr(34) & "C:\PATH\TO\FILE.bat" & Chr(34), 0
Set WshShell = Nothing

Replacing C:\PATH\TO\FILE.bat with the actual path to the file.

Save it as a .vbs file, e.g. batOpener.vbs

Double click on the vbs file and it should run your bat without opening any command window!
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September 29, 2010 2:41:09 PM

Hi Kipper. Is this windows scripting? or just Vb Scripting. I'd like to learn more about this. Are they the same?
Where can I find more of these commands? Is there an online tutorial of some sort?
October 4, 2010 7:29:40 AM

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