No sound on windows media player

I have no sound on my media player and I need to hear a transcript for work that is an mp3 file. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?
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  1. ~Is it muted lol? Ive had this problem (Make sure of WMA AND Windows).

    ~Check the sound bar on the bottom center, is it all the way down?

    ~Lol are your speakers plugged in?

    Just the idiot test, i find i do these alot.
  2. If none of these fixed the problem look in the settings and look at the Devices tab and make sure that the speakers device is your speakers you have hooked up at the moment.

    If nothing else works, play it with VLC or Windows Media Center. I love VLC and it plays everything under the sun including videos. Its really basic, but i love it! :)
  3. Oh yes another step to add to the checklist-

    ~Are your speakers turned on :).
  4. Do you have any sound in other programs?
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