Driver Robot

Hey everyone!

I've recently stumbled over this program called Driver Robot. It seems to be an awsome tool!

Now i wonder what you think of this program :) Do you prefer something else? Is there some just as good freeware?

Leave opinions in comments :)
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  1. It's another scheme, like Driver Detective, and WOT gives the site a "maybe." Stick to manufacturers' sites.
  2. so any1 know if this program is a total scam or if it's good?
  3. I've never liked the idea of a 3rd party install program. If you want to install or update drivers, you can do it manually.
  4. They're not all total scams, some are partial scams. :lol: The results they give you are often not reliable, or they ask for money, after a while. I've used 2 in the past.
  5. they seem rather suspicious... i talked to support and they said that Driver Robot was kinda old and they reccomended "Driver Fetch". Altho when i clicked the link to buy, WOT warned me and everything was "bad" except transaction security which was very bad. This doesn't feel good :/

    Sorry for bad english :P wrote this quickly and sloppy
  6. Don't use any of them. Download your own drivers.
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