Itunes DRM free for ALL or MOST tracks??

:hello: Just wondering if it was for all music or if it was just for most of them. I thought they used "iTunes Plus" but it now when i look over the internet it looks like there might not be any tracks that still are DRM. Its a little confusing on the internet and i havent used the iTunes store (Just got a gift card today) because i rip CD's.


1.) Are they all DRM free?
2.) If not then how to tell which ones are and which ones arn't?

Thanks Ahead!
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  1. What does the Itunes site say?
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  3. (Area51, you have a PM you haven't opened yet, not related to this. When you get a chance...)
  4. I read it, and i appreciate your input!
    Have a great week graywolf!
  5. I might have been wrong. Will discuss privately.
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  7. Thanks!
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