8800GTX KO ACS3 + HR-03 Plus

Just wondering if its possible to add a

"Thermalright HR-03 Plus 92MM 6 Heatpipe 8800GTX VGA Cooler SLI Ready *Fan Not Included*"

to a


would you have to remove the gpu fan on the card to add the HR-03 or does it just pop on or something?
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  1. Yes it's possible.. though I'm confused as why you would buy that card if you intended to use the HR-03 Plus anyways? As far as I know, the difference between that card and the stock card is the higher clocks, and the better cooling. The clocks you could've done anyways manually, and as for the cooling.. well, if you're going to get an after-market cooler anyways, why bother getting that card then? =\
  2. You have to remove the entire heatsink and fan assembly (about 10 - 12 screws). Also,as Meh stated already, why would you buy that card only to change the cooler. My Inno 3D 8800gtx (cheap brand) has the HR 03 and it clocks to 677core and 2224 mem stable but i run it at 650 2000 (cpu chokes it even at 1600 * 1200). Save some cash and buy a regular GTX.
  3. Yeah I didn't know that lol they already built my PC but the HR-03 is still on backorder so I'm gonna cancel it ^_^ thx. If they already shipped it o well, guess i just wasted $54 >.< unless I can sell it on ebay or something hehe.

    Unless its better to have the HR-03 plus, then maybe sell the fan+heatsink that came with the GTX on ebay and try to save some money i lost? lol..
  4. Well as I haven't seen any info on what the temperatures are like with the cooler built on to the ACS3, I won't comment, but the HR-03 Plus is a great cooler. But if you were to use it, it'd be wasting more than the $54 you're paying for the HR-03 Plus, you're also wasting money on the card itself overall since really what you were paying for to begin with was an pre-overclocked card with a cooler attached to it. Take away the cooler and all you've got is a regular GTX that's been overclocked for you. :P How much did you pay for the ACS3 exactly?
  5. You have you're memory stable on a gtx at 2224? Any volt mod?
    That seems far beyond most experiences.
  6. The HR-03 is definately a good cooler. Check this review out:


    85c stock vs 47c with HR-03 + tornado fan under load (which I believe are hella loud by the way). That is just downright impressive. Plus, you can use that review as install guide because it has great pictures. So, if you get the HR-03 in the mail it's not a bad thing.

    On a side note, you probably won't be able to get jack out of a stock cooler on eBay (I could be wrong).
  7. Another review of the HR-03 plus slaying the stock cooler:


    Did you buy a fan for it? You will need one and it doesn't come with it.
  8. well i had them build my PC (NCIX) and i told them i'd wait for the GTX and the HR-03 Plus [guess they had none in stock] but i guess the GTX came in and they installed everything did testing and then shipped it before the HR-03 plus came.

    So i guess i'm gonna have to end up installing this HR-03 Plus myself [btw, i bought 2 fans for it also lool] so I might as well use it, and i wasted money i guess overall getting the A3C KO or whatever x_X

    I rememeber making a post like this right before I made the purchase but nobody replied so I ended up getting both =/

    I hope it's not hard to install >_< BTW, a regular GTX was about $100 less or something so I ended up losing $100, guess I shouldn't be going to fast foods and other crap to make up for that loss >_<
  9. It looks like an easy install. I think they use higher quality (in terms of how they are binned) GPUs for the KO series so you might get a higher overclocking cap with that than a regular 8800. So, overall, I don't think you really wasted money. You're still doing OK man.
  10. it's ok, they sent me an e-mail saying it will be canceled and give a refund ^_^ so I didn't waste any moneyz hehe, also i got a "Thermaltake VA8003BWS Black ATX Tower Case " so I'm sure that will help good with the overall cooling :D
  11. Cool... you shouldn't have any problems. From what I've read the stock cooler on the 8800 series is great.
  12. I have ran it at those speeds for 3d mark 06 and playing stalker for several hours and it worked flawlessly. However the speed difference between 2224 and 2000 during gaming with my current processor is not worth the extra stress on the card.
  13. With the stock cooler my temps were idle 68c and load 90c. With the hr 05+ the temps are idle 45c load 63c (63c was at 677 core 2224 mem during stalker) ambient temps were 25c - 28c. I am only using and arctic cooling silent fan (lower airflow than other fans tested on these coolers).
  14. That's pretty good. I'm not looking to break mine but I did have it crash on 3dmark and with ATI tool I've found it starts artifacting at about 2150. Most reviews I've read they don't do much better. You're card is doing well.

    My own experience has also been that performance gains are more noticeable with gpu speed than memory.
  15. One thing that worries me about the HR-03 is the passive memory cooling. Don't know why, just seems iffy for such a card, especially with no real means of monitoring the temps. I suppose it would be fine if the fan was configured so that spill air flowed over the sinks it would be fine, but in a case with not so hot airflow and the cooler mounted so the fan blows on the back of the card....who knows? Anyone have experience with this?
  16. Your right, my mem overclock was not stable above 2000 (for extended periods) without the fan blowing over the ramsinks.
  17. Im not to keen to break mine either but it is nice to know its limit. You are absolutely correct about the core speed being more incremental than mem speed. Changing the core from 625 to 650 made more FPS than changing mem from 1900 to 2224. (Hence the reason i only run it at 2000).BTW are you on stock cooling and what score do you get in 3D MARK 06. (e6600 @~3.2 is what im looking at replacing my x2 4600 with. Trying to justify my purchase). Also at mem 2226 the computer hard locks with ati tools and has to be reset so 2224 is the absolute max. Cheers
  18. I am on stock cooling. I max out at 75-80 under games.

    3dmark06 with the card at 612/1000 and cpu at 356*9 mem 1-1 I score 11827 in xp and 11519 in vista. If you play any CPU intensive games the processor will be a worthy upgrade. I just finished doing some FSX network play with my son. The c2d makes my opteron 175 look so bad. If you are into that sort of thing or RTS's the processor is far more important than you're typical fps.
  19. 3dmark 06 with my x2 changes from 9998 to 10450~ at stock and max overclock (CPU Choking life from card). Ive built another pc for a friend with an e6600 @3.2 (400*8) 2 gig cmx2 c4, gigabyte p965 ds4 and an 8800gts 320 @ 650 2000 (hr 03+). It runs vista and beats mine in 3d mark06 by 500 - 1000. In 3d Mark 05 it beats mine by about 3500 to 4000 points. Playing RTS games like supreme commander the 8800gts / core 2 pc makes mine look like a calculator even with the "performance hog" vista. Might have to convince the wife (minister of War and Finance) that it is a good upgrade. Cheers
  20. Quote:
    With the stock cooler my temps were idle 68c and load 90c. With the hr 05+ the temps are idle 45c load 63c (63c was at 677 core 2224 mem during stalker) ambient temps were 25c - 28c. I am only using and arctic cooling silent fan (lower airflow than other fans tested on these coolers).

    what kinda case are you using tho, it sounds like a Mid tower or something where all the heat is gonna bundle up. also, are you using the KO ACS3?
  21. Coolermaster Stacker 830 evo (like in my sig). The stock cooler was the regular stock cooler not the ACS3.
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