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I used to use Nero ver. 6 which was a fast and efficient tool to copy cd’s create and burn ISO’s etc. I just installed Nero ver. 9 and it almost killed my computer. It is just a huge piece of bloatware that wants to take over my computer and play my music, videos, pictures, back-up my computer, etc. It’s awful! Can anyone suggest a simple, easy to use, resource efficient alternative for copying and creating CD’s and DVD’s and creating and burning ISO’s etc.? Thanks!
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  1. ASHAMPOO recording studio 9!
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I installed numerous trial and free versions on a test HDD and spent some time with each, and selected Ashampoo and imgburn (I especially liked Ashampoo because of the many features and ease of use). I'm saddened that Nero and Roxio have turned to giant pieces of bloatware (they used to be really good... a long time ago).
  3. please vote my best answer for ashampoo and imgburn!
  4. Small & Effective tool here!
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