Need advice for PSU+Graphics card compatibility

Hi everyone ,

I have a Rexpower PX-450 ( made in china ) with 450W and 20A on a rail .

My question is : this power supply will work with no problems when i hook a GeForce 7600 GT or 8600 GT with factory overclocking ?

My currently rig is : A64 Venice 3200+ no OC , 6600 GT Extreme ( factory OC ) from Leadtek , 2x 512 mb geil ddr 400 dual channel , 1 ata 133 hdd , Asus A8N-E NForce 4 ultra , LG DVD+RW .... will each of these GF card will run nicely without no crashes or resets on my PSU ?

P.S. : my currently PSU : +3.3 25A , +5v 42A , +12V 20A , -5v 0.5A , -12v 0.8A
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  1. Borderline I'd say, although I did run an x1950 pro of an 18A rail for 3 months (not completely successful) :?

    EDIT: Oh and welcome to the forumz! :D
  2. Thanks :D

    so what did happened with your 1950 ? i think 18A was not sufficent for that powerhouse x1950pro .... it needs a 2xmolex or 1 pci cord so .... but the 8600 GT dosen't need this .... and it's not a high end card so .... it will work ? .... and i must say i want to purchase another 2x512 ddr 400 dual channel ..... what's your oppinion .... i don't have separate sound card .... any other coolers and just 1 NIC ....
  3. Its still running fine (How do I know that? I CANT HEAR ANYTHING ELSE BUT IT!!! :lol: ). I upgraded my psu to the corsair in my sig with 40A. The thing that bugs me is the brand of psu that you have. I dont know who makes the internals, so I can only assume that it is not a quality psu. That could pose a problem. I recommend that you replace it with this:

    29A is well and truly enough for your system, and this psu is a good quality unit.
  4. yea i agree .. it's china made ... and Rexpower is no WW brand :D but it says 20A and 450W on the sticker ... and i assume that is real because they can't lie in the power stuff .... it's dangerous .... i'm going with a 8600 gt from gainward 600/1600 FOC .... it will work ... coz i dont have a high end pc or many extras in my case .... and btw ... 1950 it's loud eh ? and a good card ... compares with 7900 GT .... i head something about 1950 gt and AA ... it cannot perform 16x i think ... or AA + HDR ... anyway it's good .... and when i will change my next buy 8600 GT OC + this china psu ofcourse i want to buy a 8800 GTS 320 mb OC and a Thermaltake Toughpower 600W 4x12v 18A ... what do u say about my next next buy ? :D
  5. :D :D :D :D :D

    (Me=poor :( )
  6. i'm not richer anyway ... but i say about the 8800 gts 320 mb + psu coz now it's very low on price compared with the 640 mb or gtx ..... and the second reason on this decission is that when the 8600 gt will get tired in games the 8800 gts 320 will be even cheaper :D that's what i wanna do with the 8600 gt .... keep it until the 8800 gts 320 will get best buy
  7. have u played stalker ... i assume u don't have problems with the sky :lol: i have a problem on the 6600 gt ... the sky is totaled .... i can't play it ... it's from the gpu or some other stuff ? u know ?
  8. I have played stalker, painful really unless you run static lighting. If you have problems with loading times, use the -noprefetch command line switch in the "target" box of your game shortcut. Refer to this to see how to reduce loading times etc.
  9. no matter what light setting i was using ... the same sky ... but i recently read that this is a driver problem ... i have 84.21 .... and the latest is some days old ... 94.24 .... it is sayd that this fixes the sky on any light setting .... i wanna try it some time :lol: i'll post here the result .. see ya`
  10. Yes .. the 94.24 driver fixes the sky render problem in STALKER ... on my GF6600GT works well on all 3 types of render.
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