"NTLDR Missing", Computer Won't Start

I can't use my computer, because it freezes while starting up. All it says on the screen is "NTLDR Missing".

So what's wrong? Read on many sites (found through Google) that there's something wrong with my boot section of my hard disk or something. Just checking with the folks of Tom's Hardware to see if it's true ;)
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  1. What was the last hardware change? I'm guessing it's a 2nd OS install or extra hdd install.
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    Boot to the Windows CD and enter the first recovery console. At the prompt enter FIXBOOT to restore the boot sector.
  3. Lots and lots of reasons behind this, though I think badge's solution will fix your problem (and n3four's reason is possible too). All of them are detailed here:
  4. The FIXBOOT worked! Thanks for the suggestions guys... I'll probably look through those links n3four and RomDA_73. Thinking my boot stopped working properly when I installed a new hard disk.
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