Router & ADSL modem or ADSL router modem

I am planning to go ADSL from dial.
I currently own two computer, one is a notebook(Which has a Linksys wireless card for uni).
I don't know should I get an ADSL router or seperated, ie an ADSL modem and a router. After all, in the future, if i ever moved into a house with access to Broadband, I would need a router.
In addition, should I get a router or ADSL router with wireless? 'Cause I do see our future will be getting wirelss. But from i have understood so far, wireless setup is quiet difficult, and security is still a bit of an issue.
Also, could some one sugget which product to get? I lived in Australia, for some reason, D-Link seem to be the most popular. Other brands are avaiable, but I think they are a bit more expensive.

Is there any software out there that would allow me to monitor individual computer downloaded.

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  1. check with the ISP to see if they give you a good deal on an ADSL modem - I got mine for $12 US. If so, just get the router.

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