Dual WAN & 2 static IP ranges

Well here we go, i am trying to setup a network with 2 8mb lines comming in with load balancing. I have a Netgear FVS124G and have been given 2 sets of static IP from our good friends @ BT. After multiple attempts i am struggeling to get the network up and running using the Details provided.

I have 2 netgear modems accepting the 2 incomming connections running to the dual WAN and all runs fine so long as it is set up to receive information dynamicaly from ISP. What i want to do is use the 2 ranges of 13 IP addresses provided by BT. When setting the system up i can get the internal Workgroup machines talking to each other but as soon as i change the IP for one of the WANs all is lost.

Has any one managed to setup a network in this fassion and if so PLEASE help.....

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  1. please be more descriptive of the problem... perhaps draw a diagram as well... "All is lost" doesn't really do anything.
  2. The link below shows the basic workgroup outline. The Dual wan will work fine on a 192.168 network and will assign addresses to WAN1 & WAN2 with no problem. We now need to get it to assign addresses from within 2 scopes that have been assigned by BT (all machines need a static external IP address) The IP's have been provided in a network.

    When we use the network defaullt settings all is fine but when changing the wan1 and wan2 settings to the details provided by BT all internet connection fails, (the internal network will all talk to each other)

  3. You have two blocks of /28 IPs that you want to statically assigned to the devices in the groups marked wan 1 and wan 2 on your diagram?

    Two things, I don't think your devices are capable of doing what you want to do. I don't think your netgear fvs124g is capable of vlan tagging (specification doesn't say anything about vlan tagging) and I'm not sure if the switch you are using is capable of vlan tagging.

    Hopefully, that fvs124g is capable of ecmp, just assign the IPs that BT gave you to the wan interfaces of the wan router, on the lan side, create one network using private IPs and send all the traffic to the wan router. Let it worry about NAT, load balancing, redundancy, etc.
  4. There is a section in the FVS124G Manual that describes One-to-One NAT Mapping where you can map an external IP address to an internal private address. Would using this along with address reservations work for the application described?
  5. In this case I'd just use the main switch and put WAN1 and modem 1in vlan100 and WAN2 and modem2 in vlan200, then enable routing between the vlans. You can then put the Netgears in bridging mode and let the switch handle everything, the vlan interfaces will have to be assigned an IP in each range.
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