Belkin Wireless Router (G+ MIMO) and Windows 98SE

Initial Problem:
I went and found a wireless router that specifically said it supported 98SE. My old router burned out... It just flickered and died, and I wasn't able to resurrect it.

I put in the install disc and I get the following error:

Kernel errors are bad. But my last virus check comes back clean. Same for malware and adware. I'm stumped and don't have time to get on the line with Belkin right now and try to translate from mangled hindi-english.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Initial Research:

They suggest doing a system restore (something I've never done,a dn I don't think I have any restore points set on this computer), and running HiJackThis. I have a log if anyone wants a read.

Secondary Research

It's not directly related, but one similarity I found was people trying to install Photoshop Elements on 98SE machines got the same error. Two reasons: Elements does not support 98SE and the computers did not meet the requirements for the program.

My router's requirements, however, are 98SE/ME/2000/XP, 4 MB of RAM, and a CD-ROM drive. All of which I have.

It seems to be a dead end, but I thought I'd offer it up in case anyone else came across the same answer, and save you some time.

Other Options

Similar issue, and same error message, but it came with his codec, not a router. I don't know if it's worth looking at, but that forum offered up the advice to rename the .dll file, and replace it with one of a system restore disc.I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with the suggestion, since his problem was different, even if it pointed to the same file.

They also commented that the software producer sent only an XP/2000 disc to him. In light of that, I checked my software for the router. The CD-ROM does indeed say "Windows 98SE." That eliminates that as a potential problem.

. . .

It's here that I become stumped. I'm very unfamiliar with wireless networking in a home. I know the basics of installing and activating encryption (did it for the router that burned out), but I hit a dead end when I come up with something that deals with kernels and dlls. That's out of my league.

Hope I gave you all enough information to give me a hand up. I did what I could, so you could help me better than I've been able to help myself. Please, let me know if you need to know any more or if I left something out. Bummer that my introductory post had to be a problem one, though...
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  1. The version of Windows has nothing to do with a wireless router (except if you're using the setup CD). You can setup your router manually by connecting to it with a wired connection, opening Internet Explorer and entering the IP Address of the router.

  2. I am using the setup CD. The static bag around the router says to use the setup CD before anything else. (Though the quick-start instructions say set up the router, THEN use the setup CD... Go figure.)

    Will I still be able to set up WEP or WPA encryption of my network, if I just plug it in? I know I'll be online and broadcasting if I just plug it in. I'm just not interested in the neighbors monitoring my traffic nor mooching my bandwidth. The thing shouldn't be plugged in unless I can lock it down.
  3. It works, and I am WPA encrypted, thank you! Just went to the referencing IP, and was able to set everything up from there.

    But what to do about that dll file?
  4. How cares about the dll? I NEVER use the setup CD. It's easier to do it manually.

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