Can't play DVD's in Media Player ?

I can't seem to play DVD's in Windows Media Player, is there a popular and reliable free utility that I can download to do this ? Has anyone any favorites ?

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  1. Have you tried switching it off and switching it on again ?
  2. Try Media Player Home Cinema, a compact, free program.
  3. You cant nativly play DVD's within media player unless you have a paid for MPEG2 decoding CSS decoding dvd player software installed usually

    i just use Videolan, is brilliant as it plays most file formats and original DVD's
  4. VLC is a great free software.
  5. Thanks for all your replies, I have VLC, but it doesn't seem to want to play DVD's, a friend suggested the drive may be faulty ?

  6. Or it may simply be a CD ROM, not a DVD drive..?
  7. You're welcome, PurplePatch.
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