Help Selecting MBoard for a Backup Server

Hi People

I have been looking at building a new server box to act as a backup server
Im probly going to want to run atleast raid 5 on the disk array probly using 5x750gb drives to make 3tb of space

I been looking around and cant make my mind up what would be the best choice for the motherboard in the system.

Im wanting to use Socket 755 for the board
Pref would like the board to have on board sataII raid
also two gigabit ethernet ports would be useful
I guess i could do without both these options as adding a sata raid card and a additional network card would give me the same end result

I dont require a gaming board but a fast stable board which is going to be reliable and able to handle high ammount of access from 100+ users
Most the boards i keep stumbling across are more for the clockers or high end gamers, Its kind of a waste to use a gaming board, in a server build.. Probly be tempted to play games on it if i did :D its ment to be for work use :)

The rest of the bits memory, drives etc i will decide on after i have the board so can match them up to the board spec not my own idea of what i wanted

I know its abit of a blank question, But just wondering if anyones built a few servers for their own use and might have some good boards they could name which would help point me in the right direction

Im new to building servers, but surely they cant be much difference in building gaming machines...
But i dunno, so thats why im here asking

If anyone got any tips or suggestions please let me know

Thanks for reading
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  1. Its pretty hard to find an MB based on your specs without putting lots of $$ on the table. However, you can find a cheap MB with 5 or more SATA and get a cheap PCI networking card.

    That will work right?
  2. yep, I was thinking of just getting a cheapo board and putting additional pci cards in for the sata raid and extra ethernet ports so i could pick pretty much any board :)

    But thought someone might of used a board which would fit my needs, I can spend about £100 on the board, so not looking for bottem class was just hoping someone might be able to narrow my choice down slightly
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