Problems re-installing XP from CD on Partition1 [New<raw>]

have just decided to re-install windows XP to my computer and hence have put in the bootable XP disc, got to the 'Windows XP professional setup' screen where both my hard drives are listed.

I want to install XP to my existing C: drive so I deleted the existing partition and then created a new one now called:

Partition1 [New<raw>] 190772MB
Unpartitioned space 8MB

I have then pressed 'enter' to set XP on the top partition1, however it says:

To install Winows XP on the partition you selected
Setup must write some setup files to the following disc:

305243 MB Disc 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR] NB. this is my other drive

However this disk does not contain a windows-XP compatible partition.

I can then only return to the main menu. I thought it would normally give me some option somewhere to format the hard drive to NTFS but it will not let me do this???

Any help would be really appreciated
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  1. On a working pc, get this on a disk:

    Boot it up on the problem pc, go to Partition Tools, use any of them. Ranish Partition Manager is ok. There`s all command lines. No point-n-click. Delete all partitions on the drive & create a single as NTFS active. Install XP.
  2. THANKS!!!
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