Pulled out my old computer / doing a new install of xp / i have vista desk and l

i might need you guys for a while on this one. if i can get it on line then i wont have to walk two feet back a forth to talk to u guys. i going to up grade this piece little by little but want to get it running the best that i can. did the reboot cause it was so slow thought it would help. what to do next? any thoughts on free protection out there. this is only a back up computer / songs / games. old crappy campaq
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  1. i want to customize this the best that i can its old so lol. lets see what it can do. anything would be awesome. tricks tactics setup delete what i dont need this might take all night-- if your board maybe ill let u hack in to it.
  2. well maybe i suck not sure. when rebooting deleted the only partition it would let me then tried the other couldnt do it. so got the i think nfts (not sure) and the deleted one installed over the deleted one made it fat 32. now when i restart theres an option of two xp's tryed to delete wont let me. compressed as much as i could. what do i do next. what as much space as i can have clean.

    all night still cant connect to internet tried router to eternet card not sure if its wireless. but can put back old card maybe its wireless. help thanks
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