resell value on videocards question

I have an connect3D 3056 Radeon X1900XT 512MB and thinking about upgrading to a newer DX10 card soon..
I've looked and most X1900xt's are now 256 MB..
Anyone looking to purchase one of there cards? It's in great shape never OC'd... just wondering if if it's worth 50 bucks now lol...
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  1. your in the wrong part of the forums mate :)
  2. sorry my mistake :) sorry for my noobness
  3. eh we'v all been there :oops: :lol:
  4. I might actually be interested in buying this depending on the price you want for it. Maybe after you figure out how much you're selling it for pm me.
  5. if you cant sell it has a trade up program and will take 50 bucks off your purchase if you hand in your old card.

    But sinse you can always find the cards cheaper at retailers it would be cheaper/faster to sell so thats just a back up option.

    A wise man once told (2 hours ago) check if your power supply can handel the new cards before upgrading. at least a 650W quality model apparentely.
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