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Hello all. My neighbor's e-machine T2862 is showing a "no boot file received" message when I can get to dos on start-up.....either that or the big "E" graphic. Did he get a virus from Facebook? He has no start-up disks. Should I buy a download for a boot file? Thanks in advance for your help...and I'm a computer-geek-wanna-be, so please advise in a more elementary language.
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  1. 1--OS, please?
    2--Is the big E the one for Internet Explorer?
    3--Can you see the desktop, the startup screen with the picture and several icons on it? One is My Computer, another is Recycle Bin.
    4--Can you see the Start Menu?

    You don't need to BUY a boot file, if that's what you need.
  2. Dear Graywolf:
    1. OS is an Intel Celeron D
    2. The big E graphic is Emachine graphic, not explorer
    3. What's happening is the big E comes up, then it goes to DOS and the repetitive message of "no boot agent, insert disk".

    Shown above the disk message is Boot Agent vers. 4.1.08, Intel Corp; Boot Agent PXE Base code (BA1210BC)
    Although I saw the desktop only once on hard shut-downs and start-ups, it quickly went away and phased over to DOS.

    Thanks for your help. Had a feeling you'd be the first to respond! My neighbor appreciates our help, too! He's 84!
    Sincerely, Barb
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    Your OS (operating system) is Win XP, Vista, or Win 7. You cited your CPU. :)
    Your OS, please?

    Go into the BIOS, and see if your HD is set as the first boot device. Usually you get to the BIOS by hit the DEL key while DOS starts, but it might be different in your system.
  4. Thanks, the os is Windows XP, thanks.
  5. Let me know how this works out.
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  7. Hi Graywolf: Thank you so much for your input. I could not pull up a BIOS screen while dos was opening. Same repetitive screen as mentioned above. My neighbor also consulted his nephew who advised him to take his E-machine to repair. Off to repair it goes!
  8. Well, we tried. You're a good neighbor.
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