Will a non supported application run?

So on the command and conquer 3 box it says "This game is not supported for 64-bit OS... Well what the heck does that mean? Will it run good or not? Will my computer spontananeusly combust within minutes of installtion? (yes of course im joking).

But seriously, anyone trying running it on a 64 bit system? Looks kinda fun. I mainly play Supreme Commander and Company of Heros (which I really don't like the interface or the unit controll, but its still fun to play sometimes for a change of pace).

Anyone got further recommendations for good RTS? Can't wait for starcraft 2!

Running a q6600 @ 3.0Ghz
4 gig corsair ddr2 800
64 bit vista ultimate
gtx 260
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    yeah it will run as a 32 bit as 64bit OS is backward compatable, it does the same thing with BF2 and it runs fine!
  2. Download all the latest patches / updates for C & C 3... I know it works because I play it all the time on Vista x64.
  3. Quote:
    Will a non supported application run?

    The game will run. The company just won't support you if you have any problems. I don't see what the big deal is, though: Most companies don't do that anyhow.
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