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Hello, I have Windows XP Home edition with Norton Anti-virus and windows firewall, and I am having some problems. First of all, the Windows Firewall periodically turns off, about every fifteen minutes, but I have scanned with three different anti-virus softwares (Norton, Kaspersky, and an online scanner that I forgot the name of), and they all showed no problems. Does anyone know why the Windows Firewall may be turning off? By the way, it turns itself back on within 10-20 seconds, so I don't have any idea what the problem is. In settings, it says there are no exceptions, but it still turns off randomly. It is set to automatically and always on. WTF IS THE PROBLEM???

Also, I have been thinking of upgrading both my Anti-virus and my firewall. I have considered Avira for anti-virus, as well as avast, and I am not quite sure what to choose for a firewall. I have heard that pc tools and comodo are good. Are they compatible with Norton/Avira/Avast? Any other suggestions?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kris (Bruce)
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    bruce ,go with avira and pc tools firewall plus it's a great combo!
  2. Thanks, I'll try that! Any ideas as to why Windows firewall turns off, though?
  3. because they would conflict!windows firewall only monitors incoming traffic,pc tools monitors incoming and outgoing!

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  5. You too.
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