Cannot network my PC and my Laptop.

I have a Netgear Wireless Router and am trying to network my HP PC and my Advent Laptop so that I can share the printer on the network. The PC is XP with a wireless adapter(TPLINK(TL-WN620G). The Laptop is Wireless built in and is Vista. My Internet Provider is Sky The two computers can't see each other but they can both connect to the internet via wireless.

I had previously read on a microsoft forum that because they run on Vista and XP I would need to download and install Link LAYER Technology which I done but it made no difference.

I admit that I cannot get my head around wireless. I can usually work out PC problems by doing a bit of research on the net but I cannot find anything usuful this time around.

Please Help. I hope I have given the right info!
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  1. Ordinarily you should hardwire one of the machines to the router, usually the PC. Make sure the Workgroup name for each computer is the same and each computer allows for file and print sharing. The easiest way to do this is to run the network setup wizard on the one one that hardwired and the wireless setup wizard on the other.
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