Playing TIVO files on Win Media Player 11.0

I have transferred Tivo files to my desktop and tried to play them on WMP 11.0. WM 11.0 will play the video portion of the Tivo file but without sound.

Is there a way to fix, recover from or purchase a solution for this problem? My system: Win XP Service Pak 2
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  1. What format are they in? Have you tried the free Media Player Home Cinema instead?
  2. I have a TiVo and needed a good way to play my recordings in different formats.
    I did a Google search for TiVo conversion and hit several links. I like to try before I buy because I have been burned in the past. I have tried at least 7 other products. Only pavtube worked great for all my files including TiVo. I have upgraded from vista32 to win7 and have no problems running pavtube. It's perfect.

    First of all, you should transfer your recorded files which you want to convert to other formats from your TiVo box to your personal PC via TiVo Desktop.

    Convert .tivo to wmv/avi using Pavtube Video Converter.
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