Can no longer connect to wireless router IP address :/

I'm trying to setup a wireless modem router for some friends.
It all goes well untill it comes to entering their broadband connection email and password (because we thought it was something else that turned out to be wrong) and we couldn't reach the supplier (Entra) to retrieve them.

Now we have the email and password from Enta, but now the IP address for the router doesnt work in IE7, so I cant reach the account activation page. It just says loading... in the top right corner, and then just says 'internet explorer cannot display the web page'. WTF! It was doing it fine before I phoned up Entra!

I think I may of accidentally changed a setting in one of the networking options in the control panel, but I cant think what I could have been.

Is there anyway to reset all network connections back to default?

The router seems to be working how it should, all the right lights are on and the connections are ok.

The router is a Netgear DG834G.
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  1. There should be a reset button on the router, usually on the back and frequently inset, which will reset the modem to the factory settings. Instructions should be in the manual but with mine, I just push in the button for about 30 seconds, mine is reset so I have to use a paperclip
  2. Cheers I was was looking for something like that to press, but couldnt find it, but if you says its well hidden then there might be one there after all.
  3. Seek and you shall find :) Check the manual, should tell you but may have to look at the mfg website or CD that came with the router
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