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Administrator 'locked out'

Hi, I am the only Administrator on my home pc, somehow after I installed my updates & shut down, the next day I couldn't logon. Now I find myself using the 'guest' user as my source of doing things online....My issue is:How can I change my password, being that I am the only Administrator. I keep getting about 20 pop-ups about 'parental permission' at a time...why is that, & what else can I do to get back on track. I can't even download anything being a 'guest user'without having being asked 'parental permissions' to unlock & make changes. I have been 'Locked-Out' literally from my pc, because all my files won't load to make Any change whatsoever. Please help me, Anybody. My computer is an 'Acer'...which did Not come with any recovery disks...
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    Try the following steps:

    If that doesn't work, boot the computer to Safe Mode. Then open a command prompt with elevated permissions and type the following: Net user administrator /active:yes

    That will enable the "REAL" Administrator account. This is like the Root account on a Unix box: You will have full and unquestioned rights over the entire computer. Restart. From there, you can edit the existing user accounts as required.

    To disable the "Real Admin" account again, open a command prompt and type: Net user administrator /active:no
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