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I went to wake up my desktop up from sleep mode the other day and the monitors wouldn't come on so I hit the power button and restarted. After choosing normal mode on reboot, it showed the microsoft bar then flashed to a blue screen and restarted. I then tried safe mode and last know good conifguration and say reaction. So I followed the instructions and tried to boot off the dvd and after the load bar completed it went to a blue screen and stayed, At the top it said "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". What do I do to fix. I have not installed any new harware since I built the computer.
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  1. Ok, so I started reading posts on this issue and the common theme is that it is likely memory. So I pulled all but 1 stick, it started, so tried 2, then 3 and it still started, tried having all 4 in and BSoD. To see if it happened to be the last stick, I pulled one of the previous sticks and put the fourth into that slot, still started with 3, so then I put 4th in and still got BSoD. So for the moment I am running on 6 of my 8 Gb of memory. So where is the issue, is my Mobo bad or is it memory. I did run the windows memory test on 3 sticks and it was clean. I could use some feedback.
  2. On the side of your memory is there a decal that lists the type and model or better yet the recommended voltage?
    Its possible that the voltage in your bios is incorrect.
    I know your next question will be why did it work before.
    I dont know,
    but I have seen it happen. As things age the tolerances may slip a bit so it is worth a look.
  3. could be the problem according to TurboV my DRAM is running at 1.9V but memory says 2.3V on the side, should I try kicking it up? I bought 1066 memory but didn't realize with 4 sticks on my Asus mobo that is only support 1066 with one dimm per channel. So should I turn up the voltage to 2.3?
  4. At least to 2.1
    It probably only became an issue when the 4 banks were loaded as it now has to feed all 4 instead of 2.
  5. ok, so I have bumped the voltage up to 2.1 and then 2.3 and neither allowed me to run all 4 sticks, I have it currently set to run as 1067 at 2.1V and still get BSoD if I try all 4 but it seems to be running fine on 3 sticks. What can I try next?
  6. steven73 said:
    I bought 1066 memory but didn't realize with 4 sticks on my Asus mobo that is only support 1066 with one dimm per channel.

    I may have misread this before. You may have to turn the memory speed down to something other than 1066
    in order to get them all to work.
    Did you have 8G before or is this a new purchase?
    What is the exact setup that you have eg motherboard and memory?
  7. Ok, I have an Asus M4A79 Deluxe with a AMD Phenom 2 x4 940 CPU and I put in 4-2Gb Kingtons Hyper X PC8500 Dimms that I put in when I originally bought the mobo, I bought everything and built the computer at the same time and rather than over clock anything I left the memory running at the default 800Mhz instead of trying to get more out of it.(I didn't touch the voltage or Frequency setting until it was suggested here) And all was well until this past Tuesday when I went to wake it up and got no video so restarted to find it flash by the BSoD and restart.

    I have onboard sound and ethernet, the only add on card I have is my Sapphire HD 3850 (which I was tight for money and figured it would meet my needed) I have a 500Gb WD SATA hard drive, a Samsung SATA DVD burner, and just to keep it from going to waste, my old EIDE dvd burner is in there as well. My printer is hooked up through the network, and the only other items hooked up are my speakers, mouse/keyboard, and 22" lcd monitor. And it all sits in an XClio case with front and side fans keeping it at 41degrees C
  8. and if it matters, I pretty much only play diablo 2 lately (I am waiting until I build my new computer desk which will give more air flow so I don't have to worry about over heating when I do tax it) and haven't run anything more taxing than that or office/internet applications so far, so the memory shouldn't have been remotely close to being filled up.
  9. So in your bios it is still set to 800mhz or is it set to 1066 or auto?
  10. It is now set at 1067 but was previously at auto which had it set to 800
  11. Ensure the voltages, timings, and speeds on your memory are manually set to the manufacturer's recommendations. Check the commend rate is 2T, and that tRFC ("Refresh to Activate Delay") is set to 54 or greater. If you have a control to enable compensation for voltage drop, enable it.
  12. Sorry it has taken me a while to respond, I am 5 days away from having a baby and have been busy getting ready. I did not see manual controls for the commend rate or the tRFC. Unless these manual setting are under something other than the memory. All I can adjust is to manually tell it that it is 1067Mhz and I set the voltage to 2.1, I did update the bios but it still gives me the BSoD when I try to boot with all 8Gigs of memory in.
  13. If its like mine its in a sub menu.
    Im trying to remember without rebooting but I will if you need me to.
    In mine its on the same page as where you can over clock the processor.
    If I remember it shows up when the memory is set to something other than manual.
    Then when you click on it a sub menu shows up with the available settings.

    Also if you want you can get this little program that will give you the info as to what the settings currently are. Its a samll stand alone prog called SIW that shows all sorts of system info.

    Congrats on the baby as well. I hope everything goes well.
  14. I was able to find the command rate and set that to 2t but the tRFC and comp for voltage drop were not not there, I tried turning everything to manual to look for it, I only found the command rate but turning the cpu to manual. Once again I got a BSoD when I put the 4th dimm in. I am at a frustrating loss for why I keep getting this BSoD when it worked for a few months will all 8 gigs of memory before it started.
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