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Hi there! I’m having trouble with a new system I’m putting together. It’s been years since I built a computer so maybe I overlooked something. When I switch the power supply on the keyboard lights and the lights on the mobo next to the built in Ethernet connection would flash, occasionally. They’ve stopped doing that now. >_< No fans, no LEDs, nada. I triple checked all my connections, everything has power running to it, all of the fans are hooked up like they should be. I mounted the cpu heatsink myself, but it came with the gunk already attached and no other gunk in the box. It seemed like a thin layer, but that was all that was supplied.

These are the components I have. If you need any other information to help troubleshoot please let me know, I really appreciate your help.

AMD 64 x2 cpu
ECS Nforce4m-a mobo
2x512mb DDR2 800MHz memory
IDE DVD-rom drive
Centurion5 CAC-T05 (cooler master) case
Ultra 400watt atx power supply
Diamond 512mb PCIe graphics card
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  1. Did you plug in the 4 pin CPU power connector? This is a separtae connector up near the CPU?
  2. If everything is securely plugged in, try installing the CPU/HSF. There should only be a thin layer of thermal paste on the HSF.
  3. if you already installed the Heatsink for the CPU I would not take it off as long as you are confidant you did it right.

    If you take it off you will probably have to clean off the thermal paste, that gunk, and apply some more on there again when you reinstall the Heatsink.

    Check this article out before doing Heatsink stuff.

    Make sure to check your power supply's connection to the wall outlet, make sure the outlet works, check all your cables to the motherboard again. If it's all plugged in and the power supply comes on but the motherboard, fans, etc still do not power on then you might wanna start calling your motherboard manufacturer and then a PC techy.
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