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hi i recently got a new system and with it a copy of the OEM windows 7 ultimate 64bit. however after installing a few softwares i noticed that some of the softwares are stored installed in progarm files x86 folder. also the task manager shows most of the softwares like itunes and my games with *32 next to it. i am new to the 64bit version so was wondering is this normal or is it something i should be worried about.
i dont know wheather there is any performance degradation when running apps with *32 next to it. i also downloaded 64bit apps but most of them are located on program files x86 folder. i downloaded a 64bit itunes from apple but that also is installed in program files x86 and shows *32 on task manager while running.

please check the link below if i you need more info.

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  1. It's perfectly normal. 32bit programs will work fine, they just get a separate install folder.
  2. Yes, this is normal. The X64 OS basically runs them in compatibility mode (hence the *32 for x86 processes). I've noticed unless the program is specifically for 64bit it will install into the Program Files X86 folder (or any 32bit apps you install). Apple is well, apple (bunch of tards drinkin Jobs's KoolAid), their OS (if it can be called their's) is 32 bit, or utilizes mostly 32bit (the programmers are lazy, and don't want to pay AMD more for liscensing x64).
  3. Thanks guys,
    its ok to run these prgrams in *32 mode then but will that cause any performance issues as most of my games have installed in x86 folder i have reinstalled one manually in the 64bit but shows *32 while running i guess i will just have to live with it then..
  4. It won't cause any issues whatsoever (except with a small handfull of very old games).
  5. If the program does not run in 64bit mode natively, you can't force it. Stop worrying, you won't have performance issues.
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