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Acrobat automatically downloaded an update that I don't want to install. I have disabled the automatic update feature to keep it from downloading updates automatically in the future. My question is how do I keep the update that is already downloaded to my computer from installing. There is a pop up window that asks me if I want to install the update. I would like to delete the file if I knew where it was located. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Tony
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  1. you should let adobe update , because some of the updates are security issues!
  2. I was going to make a new thread about updating Adobe products but I may as well just post my question here.

    Several viruses have been known to emulate the Adobe Updater. Thus, as a safety measure, I prefer manually update them. That way I know what Im getting; updates from a trusted service and not malicious code. I want to be notified when updates are available but I like to install them myself. But I have a few questions

    The two updaters have different names, Adobe Updater and Adobe Reader Updater, they have different icons as well. Searching the C drive in all indexed locations Im able to find Adobe Updater but not Adobe Reader Updater.

    Is this the same program?

    If not, why am I unable to find "Adobe Reader Updater"?
  3. Chuck Adobe and download Foxit Reader. No security issues.
  4. Tried foxit, after several incompatibility issues I ditched it.
  5. Try PDF EXchange Viewer.
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