PSU - Ultra XVS 600W - Installation - What side is up?

I'm paranoid. :lol:

Which way is up? it has a 120mm fan on its bottom (or top depeneding on how you install it) - haha... should the fan be pointing down toward the case or up toward the case? I am pretty sure its pointing down but then I read some thread saying it should be up.... saying stuff like the fan will be sucking in hot air from the bottom into the PSU components and things of that nature.

but then again most cases/PSU only allow you to fit it a certain way... in this case, the PSU fits onto my case with the fan pointing down... if this is the correct position I am wondering why the stickers with the STATS of the PSU is on the wrong side? my case opens from the left side but with the the way this PSU is installed, the stickers will be facing the right side - torward a wall - if this makes any sense. hehe... trivial i know but i thought i'd ask anyway.
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  1. You really want the fan to face where it can suck in as much air as possible. Smashing it against an aluminum/steel wall is not a good choice.

    What case model do you have?
  2. hey,

    I have the Asus Vento 3600 case, but yeah I get what you're saying. I'll just have to see whats best when I actually put together my new rig.
  3. In most cases - the flow of air is from the bottom towards the back/top. Most PSUs have been build to suck air into them and out the back, so I would imagine that the 120mm fan should face down if it is being mounted in a traditional case.

    Hope this helps.

  4. awesome, thanks for the feedback! :D
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