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ok, I've had this problem before but now I have come up with no solution.

After noticing that my time (clock) was off by a few hours, I checked and saw that it was not syncing with the internet. Tried all the servers, none work. They haven't worked for days.

I checked online everywhere and came up empty. Tried restarting the time service, and shutting down anti virus. I don't have a firewall running and it is now not letting me update windows at all. Please help

The error message is
An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with.....
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  1. Mine also failed with the MS time site but the next one down on the list worked.
    Did you hit synch. now after selecting the different server?
  2. Yes of course, I've tried all of them.
  3. BUMP

    No Help?
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    I thought of something else to check.
    Start|run|msconfig|services and see if internet time is working.
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