User folder showing far more memory being taken up than I can account for


My C Drive is currently critically low on space. I've moved all documents, pretty much everything I can over to my second drive. However, my user folder in the Documents and Settings folder is showing that it contains 9 Gigs of files. When I open it, I cant see any of these files. I've emptied my recycle bin, cleaned out all temporary folders and still theres this unaccountable 9Gb. I think it's something to do with my unpacking zipped programs, and them leaving some sort of trace in the user file, but I want to wipe it clean. Is there any way I can ? Its driving me crazy, and making my machine wheeze...

Thank you

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  1. If you know your machine is in good shape.
    Turn off system restore and reboot.
    Then turn it back on.
    That will rid your drive of all of the previous restore points.

    As for the unpacking of files what I do is unpack them into the same folder all of the time. Install the prog. then delete the folder.

    In the user folders look for deleted prog folders and delete them as they alway leave something behind.

    Also while there check the desktop folders of the different users.
    Many people put programs, movies, and all sorts of other huge files on their desktop instead of into a folder and that causes a MAJOR drain on the system because the system keeps them in memory instead of a simple link to their location.
  2. under the view menu, there is a 'show all hidden files' option.
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