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I was just thinking to myself as to what the best antivirus program is. I know that AVG is ace but what are the real alternatives?

I use AVG free, Microsoft Security Essentials, NodEST, Comodo Internet Security + Firewall and IObit Security (not antivirus software but assists in the war against malware!)

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  1. avira or avast free free firewall is pc tools firewall plus!and malwarebytes free spyware!
  2. You can't use all of those together!! Only ONE A-V resident, although you can scan on demand with others!!

    NOD has been found to be the best of the paid suites in recent independent lab tests, as reported in Maximum PC Mag.

    Free ones -- as Ugly-Face said.

    Stay far from IOBIT products. They've been accused of stealing all of MBAM's definitions. Chinese pirates.
  3. yeah but he is virus free!!!!!!!!!!!lol
  4. Only funny if he also understands what I'm saying, otherwise he'll be back with other major problems. :kaola:
  5. hey graywolf ,it looks like we better update our security!
  6. +1 for Avira
  7. there are plenty of good AV software on the market, the only thing that you should do is to make sure that it will work on your computer and will be easy to use, you can download the free trial to test those software you can find the trials on websites such as, etc.
  8. +1 for avira!

    Download & Install the following 3 freewares. It forms a free complete security suite for your system!
    1. Avira Anvivir - .
    Avira is best & light solution for excellent overall system protection & internet security with real time updates, .

    2. Malwarebytes - .
    Malwarebytes is one of the best & effective antimalware tool out there.

    3. Ccleaner - .
    CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool with an efficient & most useful registry cleaner.

    The Best Security & System Optimization combo for all types of systems.
  9. I love BitDefender, their also very cheap. A lot of people prefer Kaspersky these days.
    This website rates them as first and second:
  10. comodo internet security..
    it's free and user friendly, has all the tools to secure your system.
    check it out.
  11. I've heard from many people that they prefer Avira, Avast, or AVG. I don't think you should be using all of those anti-virus programs at once, because they may conflict with each other. If you're happy with AVG though, you don't really need an alternative.
  12. anybody using more than one at a time or all of those at once is a fool and or paranoid skitzo.
    just try the new comodo version that just came out a week ago.
    pretty nice.
  13. Meant to say "or", I edited the post. I haven't heard of Comodo though, I'll check it out.
  14. you'll like it.
    total security suite and not a resource hog..
  15. Here's a great site with lots of free and useful software. They also do a pretty good job breaking things down in order of what's good and not.
  16. where's the link - sportsfanboy.?
  17. cool.
  18. wich way to download ccleaner

    - Download from
    - Download from

    and whats the difference. nd is it better than atf cleaner for windows 7?
  19. I've been using AVIRA for the past year and love it. Check this out It tests the some of most popular AV's and has helped me in deciding which AV I select.
  20. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    yeah but he is virus free!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    having multiple anti virus App sounds like it can work better than having just one. Truthfully its not, it could be incompatible with each other. Either competing for resources or cancelling each other out.

    Causing more hassle than its worth, Opt for a good anti virus and anti spy/malware :kaola:
  21. Avast 5 has good ratings, and It has Nifty Feature with multiple protection,

    Incl antivirus, RootKit Protecting, boot-time scans, antispyware, and heuristics engines also real-time shields Including mail and file system shields.

    Network Behaviour, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, and Web shields. silent-gaming mode that can be turned on that wont disturb you if you busy (Gaming Hehe) and a new addition called "intelligent scanner" that once system is scanned only looks at changed files after sets a baseline.

    Its totally free and provides same protection compaired to other Popular and expensive antivirus Apps .
  22. blablacentral said:
    wich way to download ccleaner

    - Download from
    - Download from

    and whats the difference. nd is it better than atf cleaner for windows 7?

    Try Cnet Downloads
    its tested spyware free and good place to get free apps
  23. huh ppl where right atf cleaner misses stuff and cc cleaner misses stuff but between the 2 you get it all
  24. Don't use more then one av, firewall and anti spyware, more app don't mean more secure, they mean more conflict.

    all you need is a good one.

    eset smart security and malwarebytes or spysweeper will give you all the av/firewall/anti spyware you ever need.

    but keep in mind being safe and clean is 80% dependent on your commonsense and 20% on what apps you use, lets say there was one av that was the best and one firewall that was the best and one anti spyware that was the best, if we have all 3 of those, and used very little common sense, within minutes if not seconds, our pc would be infected or hacked and ultimately vulnerable.

    So its not about which app or how many security apps you have, its about how much commonsense you use.
  25. Norton anti virus online comes with my netzero account and win 7 firewall works for me.
  26. cant go wrong with AVG or trend micro.
  27. Anti virus is good only if they are updated -AVG, avira, kaspersky, norton, etc.
    I am using MSE, my firewall is ON, I turn on windows update and I don't log on using an administrator account.
    I also tried configuring User Policy - this is the best but you will loss control if done wrong.
    I have tried Deep Freeze, Sanboxie when I surf on heavily infected site and it works.
  28. I have been using ZenOK Free Antivirus for over a month now & after using Norton, McAfee, AVG and PC-Illin, I say ZenOK wins hands down. Fast scanning, very frequent updates and great detection rates, along with a online backup (use of resources) makes it a winner.
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