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I have a system that keeps looping back to the startup screen. I tried to boot via safe mode, last known good config, start windows normally to no avail. I have booted from the cd rom with the xp cd and tried the repair, nothing. I tried the bootconfig command and nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions besided reformatting the hard drive.
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  1. I had this happen to a machine I was working on. Sounds like a viral thing. Anyway you could pull this hd, set the jumper to slave, and scan it with anti-virus on another machine? As always, check all connections first. Or try Ubuntu and see if you can mount the drive and see anything amiss.
  2. Run the repair and get to the command prompt. Try:
    fixboot - repairs any corrupt boot files
    fixmbr - rewrites the MBR on the HD
    chkdsk /p - checks the HD for errors
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