Which anti virus should I use??

This is in regards to my new laptop. Its an M1210 XPS Dell from about 3 years ago and I just inherited it from my compulsive buying sister.
And I have a copy of this software that is named Symantics I think its either from 08 or 09( I am not entirely sure which one it is), but then I uninstalled it for the free comcast norton security suite on my desktop.
So right now on my laptop it has McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, and I figure that the comcast virus protection would be better, so which one should I use for now.
I also want to know is what is real good protection for laptops, cause I will be going from hotspot to hotspot so I want to have real good protection, so what do you recommend?? I do encrypt my files and have PW on them also. Anyways it seems that the Norton 360 4.0 is the newest thing out
and I didn't know if it was worth buying.
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    Stay with the Norton Security Suite, but do NOT run that and Mcafee together. Remove the Mcafee.

    Run the free Malwarebytes roughly weekly just to check things

    Make an image of the hard drive on an exterior drive.

    Turn off all file and folder sharing in hotspots, have encryption, and don't log on to any personal places, like credit cards or banks.
  2. symantec from 08 or 09,is junk,download a great free antivirus such as avira free,and download the malwarebytes free spyware scanner.and download a great free firewall called pctools firewall plus!all are free and create a better security suite!
  3. Area51--

    Please use your punctuation marks and capitalization more wisely so we can understand what you're writing. The purpose of writing is to communicate. And it will attract attention away from your ugly face.

    OP is getting Nortonfree from ISP Comcast, presumably 2010, which is fine. Why should he bother uninstalling and then installing other programs? That would be OK if he weren't getting a free suite already. Common sense.

    You can chuck the Norton(Symantec) 2008 and 2009, which were awful programs. The first really good one is 2010. but DO NOT run 2 A-V's at the same time. as a double-check, run the free MBAM maybe weekly just to be sure everything is caught.

    This issue is resolved. Please choose BEST ANSWER.
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  5. Salt--
    You can chuck the Norton(Symantec) 2008 and 2009, which were awful programs. The first really good one is 2010. but DO NOT run 2 A-V's at the same time. as a double-check, run the free MBAM maybe weekly just to be sure everything is caught.

    I uninstalled the software then installed the free comcast norton suite. I am looking into the all the stuff you said earlier, my WD external was suppose to sync all my stuff, and back it up w/encryption, but its only trial software and want me to pay so either I will pay, or just do it myself.

    I will be in hotspots from school to beans n brew/starbucks so I need to make sure I am safe. I have heard some fed up storys of peoples stuff getting jacked. A lot of people think they don't have anything that anyone wants, but name,address, and pic can go a long way for a hacker.
  6. Norton is a resource hog!
  7. Norton is a resource hog!

    Not any more. It WAS till 2010.
    Lab tests from Maximum PC Mag, testing suites. Norton is the real surprise here, but they finally got their act together:

    1. Norton internet Security 2010
    2. ESET Smart Security 4
    3. Avira Antivir Free Edition
    4. Microsoft Securit Essentials
    5. AVAST! internet security
    6. McAfee Internet Security 2010
    7. Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 3.0
    8. Bitdefender Internet Security 2010
    9. Panda Internet Security 2010
    10. Comodo Internet Security Pro


    This site doesn't recommend norton internet security suite!

    I was going by thee results on this site!
  9. The norton 2010 is the 360 right?
    Well I installed the malwarebytes, and I was just looking through the firewall one. I just want to make sure I have good protection.
    Yeah I might something in the future buy for now I am only looking for free software.
    I actually don't mind the free comcast software it works just fine.
  10. Avira free plus the malwarebytes free you have is great,plus use a great free firewall like pc tools firewall plus!

    Look at the link on my last post about the suites and firewalls!

    Have a great week!
  11. That's interesting, Area51, but the tests are from 3/2008. :heink:
  12. So far so good, I am writing a school paper thats is: built compuers vs. building your own computer. and Built computers is the past, and isn't even an option.
    Yeah I am going to get the firewall pc tools plus, it seems pretty good.
  13. Not everyone can build a computer, so it might not be an opti0on for you, but for millions of others. But I'm not getting into your paper, as that's not an issue here.

    If you use Comcast's free Norton, DO NOT use a second firewall. Either choose separate components OR stay with a suite, not a combo of the 2.

    This site is always updated,the results are recent.You can tell this by the version numbers on the security suites!
  15. I saw all the comments are from 2008-2009. OK, sorry. [:tapko:4] [:tapko:4] [:tapko:4]

    I wonder why this differs so much from other lab reports I've read lately.

  16. Some lab test are sponsered by antivirus companies,therefore the misguided results!
  17. But those are not the ones I've been reading. I have a set from VBulletin.
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