How the heck do you use Cdburn.exe!?

I have Windows Resource Kits and i want to use the cdburn.exe to burn to an ISO to CD but IDK HOW THE HELL TO GET THE PROGRAM TO WORK!? I looked and LOOKEd and LOOKED all OVER the damn file it came with and NOTHING on how to get it to work. When I double click on Cdbun.exe i get a split second of DoS prompt and thats it.
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  1. It appears to be a command line utility.

    You open a Command Prompt screen and input something like this in where cd/dvd drive letter is D and file is located in C:

    cdburn.exe D: C:\Filepath\folder\filename.iso
  2. You might be able to learn the switches for more fonctionality by opening a Command Prompt window and typing in:

    cdburn.exe /?

    I'm not sure, but this may work.

    Note the spaces.
  3. At the cmd line, inside the tools directory I was able to write a file to CD with the cmd:

    cdburn e: image "c:\my documents\my directory\desktop\filename.ext"

    The quotes are required. It took me a while to remember that part. Could the documentation that comes with this tool be any worse?
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