Windows Genuine Advantage: How to Disable Notifications?

A friend keeps on getting nagged by those damn notifications. Is there a quick and easy way to disable them?
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  1. Buya genuine build of Windows.
  2. He's getting the warnings because he's using a pirated copy. Don't pirate, and there's no problem.
  3. Sorry sorry, I need to clarify: my friend has a genuine copy of Windows XP. But suddenly, he's been getting those notifications. When he tried contacting Microsoft support, he was told that his product key was blacklisted as pirated. Support told him to send a copy of the receipt to prove authenticity, but of course he already threw it away. So... any attempts to bypass WGA are legit in this case, right?
  4. show them a picture of the disk
  5. Make sure the PC has SP2, then turn off auto updates.

    control panel-->security center-->on the left there is a link to 'change the way security center alerts me'-->uncheck the boxes.

    It will no longer download WGA, and won't give annoying notifications.

    Your friend could also go through the WGA authentication process. It should validate his copy of windows without needing the original key. If it fails the test, he can report it to microsoft.
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