Vipre antivirus premium vs kaspersky pu

Which is the best full protection application, vipre antivirus premium or kaspersky pure? I am more concerned about which software does not eat much of a computer's memory considering for that both are highly effective anti-malware programs. > Creative Almanac
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  1. vipre is the lightest of any antivirus suite !go with vipre you wont be sorry!
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    Kaspersky scored the lowest in Maximum PC's independent lab tests in the May issue.
  3. If you are much concerned about computer's memory, then vipre antivirus is better because it uses less computer resources and has a good anti-malware programs.
    but if you are operating in a dangerous environment and need a highly effective antivirus suite Kaspersky Pure is best, it also offers many other features compared to vipre antivirus like Data Encryptor and File Shredder.
    The pricing for Vipre is $39.95 and price of Kaspersky Pure is $79.95
    Result-According to price and you needs Vipre is the antivirus suite you will need
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