DVD Backup on an HTPC?

Hi guys,

I'm looking to start backing up my DVDs on my HTPC, but I've got SEVERAL dvds and I think 4gigs a pop is a bit unnecessary. Instead of ripping in DVD format, I was wondering if anybody knows of a simple way to rip right into an avi file to my harddisk? The avi files look fine for my tastes, and they'd save me a lot of space in the long run. I was hoping for some freeware, but I'll take any suggestions you guys have. Thanks.
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  1. I suggest you research mkv. Avi is good but a little dated.

    I backed up all of my DVD's by re-encoding to x264 to mkv. The files are about 900MB to 1GB per movie. You can check out Handbrake to do the encoding. It can do avi too I believe if that's really what you want.
  2. To rip a copyrighted DVD requires breaking the copy protection on the DVD which is illegal, and requesting or supplying that type of information is a bannable offense here at THGF, I suggest you read the forum rules you agreed to, to gain posting privileges here at THGF through Best of Media.

    This is a warning, not just to you, but anyone else reading this thread! 4ryan6
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