Can't delete any downloads

I'm in the habit of deleting everything that goes into my downloads folder within my user folder because having a bunch of installers sitting there is pointless.

Recently, however, whenever I attempt to delete any of these installers within my downloads folder, it tells me that "I need to permission to perform this action." These files can't be in use by anything and as administrator I don't see why it suddenly will not allow me to delete this things after I've been doing it for months.

If I restart the computer, it WILL let me delete these things. But never before that.

Any suggestions to fix this?

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  1. I'm not sure why it's doing it but you can use MoveOnB to delete them.
  2. Oh wait, I re-read. I thought that it wouldn't let you delete them even after a reboot. Disregard...

    You even put will in caps so that I wouldn't screw it up but somehow I found a way...
  3. Lol no worries.
  4. your computer might be using these downloads, try task manager to check. It sometimes happens to me if I leave the program I download from open, i.e Limewire, must be closed before you can delete files.
  5. The problem persists. There are no processes in task manager that indicate the files are being used for anything--and yet I cannot delete them.

    Currently I'm using Eraser to get rid of the files, but I would really like to find an actual fix rather than use a program to get rid of things.
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