Sound card output - Vista, SoundMAX, or just the game I'm in?

Basically, those 3 choices let me select if I'm using headphones or my 5.1 speakers. But that's redundant. Which should I set to what? PS The same is true for VSync, but I just globally set to that to on in Nvidia's control panel, and keep it off in games (or should I ALSO set it to ON in games?) So that's two questions. Arg! Computers are complicated!
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  1. VSYNC OFF it will improve FPS greatly, i dont really understand your first question! What exactly is redundant? do have headphones/speakers?
  2. Thanks for your reply fowang!

    Well, I have an LCD monitor (HannsG 28" - Gorgeous!) so I definitely need VSync On, it's only a question of whether to force it on through Nvidia's driver software or just use the particular game's graphics option to do so. Or both.

    About the sound, it's pretty much the same question. There are 3 ways to switch from headphones to speakers (yes, I have both, sometimes I need to be quiet when my parents are around). I'm just wondering if I have to switch all 3, or just 1 (and which 1), or some combination... Which method is optimal?
  3. With Vsync turned on the FPS will be set to the refresh rate and will not go past this, for your speaker issue hmmm dont have that problem and not too sure what you will need to do, im sure some of the other guys should be able to help.
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