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I changed to a new monitor on my desktop and now everything is to small to see, changed the dpi in windows which took care of the desktop and apps

but it doesn't change the size of things in firefox, at the moment i have to press "ctrl +" a few times every time i got to a new web-page, there has got to be a way to set a permanent zoom level
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  2. wow I really should have thought of that thanks
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  4. But I can't tell you which is best. I just use the mouse wheel+CTL. To find best, you'll probably have to ask at
  5. the one i posed works great set the default to 170% zoom, and it's exactly what i wanted

    thank you again should have been able to figure that out myself
  6. I just remembered another that many people like. It's NoSquint.

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  7. graywolf said:

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    lol look five posts up i already did
  8. I just installed NoSquint after I mentioned it, because I'm tired of changing the zoom on every site.
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