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So I have been doing some mapping with my GPS equiped phone, the files are stored as a .kml file, which can be opened in google earth. If I open the .kml file in notepad i get all the coordinates etc. I am looking for something I can use to move the waypoints because some of them are way off (screwed up GPS reading) so perferably I want to drag the waypoint to the proper location. Does anybody know of anysoftware, freeware or not that can do this.
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    Open your KML file in GE, select the item you want to edit (either waypoint or track), right click and select "Properties". It you are editing a point, the icon will change to a square "target" that can be moved where you like. If you have chosen a track, right click on the track, select "Properties" and the individual nodes will be displayed as small squares. Each can be grabbed and moved where you choose.
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