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Hi All, My problem is that spyware, mallware, or a virus is attempting to turn off the Windows firewall at start up. Windows loads then the anit-virus and MS Messenger. At this point it starts looking for something. After a minute or so the red Windows Firewall is not running box comes up for a couple of seconds, then the rest of the task bar items load. I've tried msconfig and the few things that are checked are legit. I've tried several anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. Each new program finds 3 or more threats the others didn't find but hasn't fixed the problem as yet. I'm currently running Comodo Internet Security. With Comodo the red Windows Firewall box doesn't come up but the computer still waits at that point. Is there a way to tell what is trying to load? As I said whatever is trying to load is not showing up in msconfig.

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  1. If the box pops up and disappears, that means it's waiting for Comodo's firewall to load. If the box stays there persistently, then something is disabling not only your Windows firewall (which was disabled when you installed Comodo IS), but disabling your Comodo as well.
  2. You can use the task manager to see what is running at that time. I would suggest running the virus scanner in safe mode when most viruses are dormant. If you do have one, it could be surpressing your scanners.
  3. Thanks for your time.
    The red firewall pop up box was when I has Avast installed. It would pop up and disappear in a couple of seconds. Then the last task bar items would load. Since Comodo was installed I don't get the firewall pop up but the system still waits for a minute then loads the last items. I opened the task manager and watched but it was hard to tell as lines would appear and disappear before I could read them. I did find a reference to AV2009 in the reg. I removed the item. No joy.
    I'll try the safe mode scan and see what it finds.

    Thanks again, Smokey5407
  4. None of the recent scans are finding anything. I'm wondering now if a dll got pulled while removing some of the other spyware. I'll try a reinstall of XP and see if that helps.

  5. The reinstall didn't help either. I formatted the drive and did a clean reinstall. Problem solved;)


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