Where can i find vaio w vpcw119xj drivers


1. I just want to ask ,where i can find the vaio w VPCW119XJ DRIVERS.I cant find it in sony's site?

2. I just wondering since the netbook is in window xp japanese.I back up its drivers.Can i use it after converting it to xp english?

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  1. 1. You might ask Sony if this model number translates to an English model number.
    If it does, then you might be able to find the appropriate English web page for the drivers.

    2. If the file names of the drivers are in Japanese, then I do not think that will work.
    If they are in English, then it's worth a try.

    If it were me, I'd just install the English XP version from scratch and fix the driver issues as they occurred. But then I've always liked a challenge.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Hi Gandalf

    1- You can download the drivers from here, use the service tag of your laptop to find the drivers.
    2- No, you can not. The drivers for the OS are differents for language version.
  3. Hi Saint

    1. I tried your URL before posting my initial response. It doesn't support the VPCW119XJ model.
    If you find the VPCW119XJ model, please specify how, then maybe I'll learn something too.
    2. Since I've never tried it, I wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Hi Gandalf.

    1- As you, I can't find the model of the laptop that the OP says. But he can find in a easy way with the service tag of the laptop, maybe he wrote something wrong
    2- I tried few weeks ago with Win 7 x64 in Spanish and a Lexmark driver in English, doesn't work.
  5. Thanks for all your reply.btw the model was realesed in japan
    last august. after reading with
    the help of google translate.The drivers of vaio
    can be found at c:windows\drivers...

    I hope this helps a bit.Some say its possible to used the drivers
    from japanese xp to english xp, even my senior collegue have done it.
    But the fact that its not mind am casting this question-am trying to be
    cautious. I'ved never tried it to my customer
    she never came back anyway...

    Anyway i think 4 possible solution with this

    1. backup the existing driver using latest drivermax appz.
    2. create a recovery disk.Just remember the english way
    of doing it.

    3. Do a xp repair from japanese xp to english xp?

    4. order the recovery disk for a fee.

    I'll post the result when i persuaded her to fix her vaio

  6. Hey guys here are the drivers, tested and working ... for me anyway. Had to find them one by one Sony japan is useless the English drivers are out there, they are just to lazy to update their website. These drivers are for XP compatibility on Win7 not confirmed.

    Chipset -
    Video -
    Audio -
    Lan -
    WIFI -
    Card Reader -

    To prevent any questions from the newbies (if any), the .exe files are installed automatically after you double click on the file just make sure you reboot the pc after every driver install ( just to be safe)

    To install wifi and lan drivers you have to double click on the file extract its contents to any folder and then point the device manager to that folder when you are doing a manual driver install.

    Install chiopset driver first then video then audio order for the rest doesn't matter.
  7. Also forgot to include the Bluetooth driver here it is -
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