How can i play compressed video by codec

Dear brother:

i downloaded network video training 14 parts form testout-network. rar when i extract the files in my laptop pc, one file come out having .iso format. when i extract it in my desktop pc, and playing the vedio file having it says that the player is not supporting the file or format of codec that was used for comppresson of file. please guide how to play the file.

thank you very much my brother.
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    use this to burn the iso's to blank dvd's!

    iso's are image files that have to be burned!

    Watch this you can mount iso and watch them on a pc!
  3. Try innstalling VLC media player!
    It can play most of audio & video formats out there!
  4. vlc does not play iso!
  5. After extracting, only video files will be there buddy. Yama said after extraction only buddy :)
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